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So you’ve completed an obedience class or two, but your dog still needs some help learning how to behave/perform around distractions (like other dogs, strangers, etc). Or maybe you and your dog just want to continue to enjoy working together in a class environment. Well, then Rally Obedience may be for YOU! Rally Obedience is a dog sport that involves performing a variety of obedience behaviors on a course designed by a judge. It’s a great way to help perfect your dog’s focus amid distractions, perfect on (and off!) leash walking, and develop obedience skills—all while having loads of fun together. If you really enjoy Rally, there are competitions you can enter to show off your stuff and even win some prizes! But the skills you develop in Rally class are practical as well, since you can use them on your daily walks with your dog.

To learn more about AKC Rally, click here.

NEWS FLASH!  On May 1, 2017, the AKC updated Rally Obedience signs and titling opportunities.  New signs have been added to the current levels, and two new levels have been added. The first is “Intermediate,” which comes between Novice and Advanced. It uses the same course as Advanced (except for the jump), but it is conducted on leash.  The second is “Masters,” which comes after Excellent and includes new, more difficult signs.

For a complete copy of regulations, with set of signs and descriptions at the end, click go here:   2017 Rally Signs with Descriptions

For a complete set of the 2017 full-sized signs, go here: Full Sized Rally Signs, complete set

                               Ucoming Run-Thrus and Trials

(These are listings for events being held at Merrimac Dog Training Club, in Hampton, VA)

Novice Rally: This class is for dog/handler teams who have developed most Intermediate obedience skills and want to continue working together! Teams are asked to2 follow a numbered course of ten to fifteen stations requiring simple obedience skills, such as sits and downs. Because Rally is a competitive sport, you and your dog can then enter events and even earn AKC Rally Obedience titles! Intermediate Obedience skills suggested prerequisite. (6 weeks, $130) 

Advanced/Excellent Rally: This class  introduces the Advanced and Excellent level maneuvers for Novice Rally grads ready to move on to the next  levels, which include jumping  and require dogs to work with handlers off leash. The class will prepare dog/handler teams to earn titles in Advanced Rally (RA) and Excellent Rally (RE). They can then continue to compete and earn the Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title, which requires achieving qualifying scores in both the Advanced and Excellent classes at a trial…and doing so TEN times!  But..no new signs to learn! (6 weeks, $130)