Private and In-Home Training

Sometimes group training courses aren’t the best choice for you and your dog. Owners with busy schedules find private lessons offer more convenience and flexibility. Some owners like the one-on-one training for themselves and their families, once they start to learn the dog-training techniques they will all be using.

Private training is also an excellent starting point for dogs that have difficulty focusing in group classes, since more often than not these dogs go on to be successful in group classes.  In fact we urge Group Class training as the next step, since your dog will need to learn to replicate what he has learned at home when he is around the distractions of  several  (typically no more than 5) other dogs and people.

Training Center Private Lessons. We  offer 90-minute private sessions at the training center for $150. These sessions are generally scheduled during the day; however evenings are occasionally available. These sessions typically address specific issues, such as loose-leash walking/reactivity on leash, coming when called, etc.

“Thank you for your training visit yesterday.  Ann and I felt these were the three best-spent hours on Blitz we had ever had.  I know he enjoyed the challenge, and he was mentally fatigued as he slept soundly last night! And the training plan you have provided will come in handy as we continue working with Blitz.”–Luis

In-Home Private Sessions: People whose household members are fully vaccinated can schedule a two-and-a-half hour private lesson in their home for $295.  Follow-up sessions are shorter, with a fee of $175. These sessions are geared to each dog’s needs, but typically address several of the following:

When we travel to your home for your private dog training lesson, we will likely spend the full two-and-a-half hours.  A long time, agreed!  But we need this time to assess your needs and to explain to you the basis for positive reinforcement and the value of force-free training.  We will also teach you and your dog numerous games and exercises, sometimes using your phone to video your dog so you will be able to reference it later.  There is a LOT to learn!  We do not merely want your dog to respond passively to a command; we will teach your dog to make correct choices on his own…and thus to have good manners without your constant intervention.

After the lesson, you will receive a long and detailed Training Plan–complete with full descriptions of each behavior you worked on and tailored to your dog’s issues and your goals for him. The first session’s fee is $295; subsequent sessions, being shorter, are $175 each.

“Thank you for the long day you put in with us today, and for being not only extremely generous with your time, but for being such a wonderful, intelligent teacher. You won over my heart with your beautiful, kind rapport with all the animals!” –Jenn 

Day Training, offered occasionally…

Think your dog would benefit from a day out with a professional trainer?  Then maybe Day Training is an option you should consider!

Day Training is for those who realize their dog needs more socializing and training experiences than they have time for.  For a fee of $325 per day, we will pick up and return your dog to your home, after working with him for approximately four hours. We will take him to various places, including our training center, teaching him to have good manners, even when out amid a variety of distractions.  This service is not intended to nor can it replace you as your dog’s primary trainer; you must be able to continue with any and all training that your dog receives through Day Training. Otherwise, he will believe he only needs to have these good manners when he is with us!

Please remember that Day Training is appropriate for teaching and reinforcing good manners in public (for example, polite greeting behavior, settle, loose- leash walking), and not for resolving serious behavioral challenges, such as aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety. And, again,  keep in mind that day training does not mean that you will not be involved in the training of your dog. On the contrary, your participation is crucial: you must consent to work with your dog alongside the trainer–maybe in a ninety-minutes session at the training center or in a group class–to learn  to apply the cues being taught to your dog.

So contact us to discuss what your training needs are. We will talk to you about what you wish to change about your dog’s behavior and suggest a training program–Private Training or a Group Class–to help you make those changes. No matter which you choose, you will always receive an extensive follow-up email, with  detailed descriptions of all exercises you’ve used in training. And we will always remain available to you, if  any future issues arise!

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