mini classesThese specialized, classes, 1 to 4 weeks long, are  occasionally offered, when the regular group class schedule permits. Please feel free to let us know if you have a special interest in any of the classes below, and we will make every effort to fit it into the schedule!  Note: Dog Sport/Agility classes are listed under Agility group classes.


Click-a-Trick:  This class teaches handlers the underlying principles of using a clicker to teach an animal, as they introduce this communication tool to their dogs. Handlers will use a clicker to teach their dogs  some mental games, targeting, and  tricks!  AKC has added several levels of Trick Dog titles!  So take the class and test for one (or more) of the titles at the end! (Note: a clicker is used ONLY in the initial stage of training a new behavior, so don’t think that you will need to use your clicker every time you work with your dog! (3 weeks, 90 minutes,  $105.00, including a clicker!) 

Dog About Town:  These one-day classes meet at a variety of locations, each of which offers an environment in which dog and handler can practice obedience skills out in the real world. Classes typically end with our eating lunch, either at a picnic table or an outdoor café. Each class will have limited enrollment. (One day, $25, lunch not included).  

Click-to-Calm: So your dog is not aggressive, just overly reactive when he sees another dog, a squirrel, or anything unusual on his walk. Although you may already know some “avoidance” techniques we teach in our Basic Obedience class, here you will learn how to teach him to notice the “trigger” but remain calm and in control of himself.  No more lunging and barking! (1 time, $25.00.) 

Beachwalking 101: Ever picture yourself walking along the beach while your dog frolics close by, occasionally stopping to sniff a horseshoe crab shell, then racing to catch up with you? Well, it CAN happen! All you need is a long line, some yummy treats, a beautiful day…and this course! (One day, $25)

Intermediate Games:.This class reinforces and refines the skills learned in Basic and Intermediate Obedience classes…by playing a  variety of games! Expect to play Musical Chairs, Lily Pad Leap, Recall Relays, Red Light/Green Light, Hide and Seek…and MORE!  Prizes will be awarded to some: much fun will be had by ALL! (3 weeks $75)

Stay/Wait!  In this class you’ll learn how to teach your dog to stay until released.  We’ll work with teaching a stay when we walk away, a wait for a momentary “stay,” and even a “go to your mat and stay there.” You’ll also learn how to teach your dog to resist bolting out of an open door and how to settle quietly at your feet, for an extended stay. (3 weeks, $75)

Basic Loose-leash Walking: Want to be able to enjoy taking your dog for a walk? We’ll show you how to walk your dog without either one of you pulling on the leash!  And we’ll do it without using the painful corrections made with so-called “training” devices ( such as e-collars, prong collars, or slip/choke collars).  In other words, your dog will learn to stay near you because he WANTS to, not because it hurts not to!  (4 weeks, $100) 

Dog Sport/Agility classes are listed under Agility group classes.