agilityWant to take you and your dog’s relationship to the next level? Why not see what dog sports you and your dog can try!  From Barn Hunt, to Dock Diving, to Agility…there’s a whole new world of ways you and your dog can have fun together!   One of the most fun is Agility, so we offer a Just for Fun Agility class, so you and your dog can see what it’s all about! Scaled down equipment will be safely introduced to each dog and later used in short sequences, as your dog learns to stay connected to you while off-leash and at a distance. To take the class, you must be able to keep your dog focused on you and working with you, while other dogs are working with their handlers on other pieces of equipment nearby.  This class is to stimulate your dog and teach him to have fun climbing, jumping, and running on a playground of obstacles; however, it’s quite possible that this introduction will lead you and your dog into serious agility competition! 

Intro to Dog Sports: Why not see what you and your dog can do together as a team?  In this class you’ll learn what is involved in Agility, Rally, Obedience, Barn Hunt, and even Nose Work!  The first part of every class you’ll learn to keep your dog connected to you as you negotiate Agility sequences; the second part will introduce one of the other sports. Who knows? You may decide you’d like to go on and compete (earning AKC titles!) in one or more of these sports! Dogs will be working off leash. (90 minutes; 2 weeks, $65) 


Just-for-Fun Agility: Scaled down equipment will be introduced, then used in sequences designed to have your dog stay mentally connected with you, as connected to you as you  increase the distance between you. Various at-home exercises will be assigned, to help your dog to learn how to move AWAY from you when asked. The main emphasis in this class is to enhance your relationship with your dog, through “team building” exercises; however, many teams will decide to go on to full-sized equipment and competitions!  Dogs will be working off leash, in a group setting; dogs that demonstrate reactivity to other dogs will have to switch to private lessons. (6 weeks, 90 minutes, $195) 


Here’s a short video of Toby after just 4 classes

 …and here’s a professional shot of Stella, taken at an Agility trial!