puppy trainingWe offer both a Puppy Manners & Social Skills class–for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks at the start of class. After this class, puppies should go on and attend a follow-up, more structured Adolescent Puppy Obedience class, which is for puppies from roughly  5 to 10 months old.  So if your puppy is already too old to start with Puppy Manners, you would start him in Puppy Obedience.

While the Adolescent Puppy Obedience class is a more typical, structured  dog training class, the Puppy Manners  class is conducted off-leash and gives your puppy opportunities to learn how to interact safely and appropriately with dogs of all sizes and breeds, while discovering that the world is filled with a wide variety of people, places, and things that they can accept without fear or shyness.

John and Cindy Meravy will help monitor and explain approprite puppy play behavior, and he and Deborah will conduct several “quiet” times, while pups are taught to relax and owners are taught the lesson that is covered that session (See Puppy Manners Calendar). Owners are encouraged to bring their (well mannered) children to join in the fun of helping  socialize the puppies and start them on their way to being mannerly, obedient pets!

     “We LOVED your class and can’t wait until the next one. I’m so glad you were recommended!”–Nellie B.


Long ago, it was thought that puppies shouldn’t leave home before they had received all their shots. Nowadays, it’s a well-accepted view that to be effective, the socialization process has to occur before the series of vaccinations is completed. For more information on both the socialization stages of puppies and the current view on puppy classes, CLICK on the following links:


IF YOUR PUPPY IS BETWEEN 8 AND 16 WEEKS OLD, you would start with the Puppy Manners & Social Skills class. 

Puppy Manners & Social Skills: This class is  for young puppies between 8 and 16 weeks old when he starts the class. It provides positive socialization experiences, solutions to common puppy nuisance behaviors (for example, housebreaking, chewing, nipping, jumping), and foundation obedience training. (Six classes for $140)  Once enrolled, you and your puppy may come to any of the classes, which are offered Saturdays  at 10:30 am and again on Mondays at 6:00 pm. 

For example, you could come to Saturday’s class one week,  Monday’s class the next…you could even come to both in  one week!!  Once you have contacted us and have been formally enrolled in these classes, you no longer need to notify us each week to tell us when you’re coming; you’ll be welcome whenever you come (and  this way  your puppy will get to intereact with a wider range of  people and puppies!)  Your fee entitles you to come six times, total.  But you may continue to come ($20 per  time), as long as your puppy is still able to play safely with the other puppies. Bear in mind, Puppy Manners is the only “Rolling Enrollment” class, so entering the next level–Adolescent Puppy Obedience–means waiting for the next start date for that six-week class.

Check the Puppy Manners CALENDAR (below) to see which topic will be covered  when you come for the first time. It is NOT necessary for you to attend each individual session, 1 through 6; you just continue coming until you’ve been six times.   NOTE: If your pup turns 18 weeks before you’ve attended your six sessions, he will be evaluated before being allowed to remain in this class with  younger pups. If he’s become too large or plays too roughly,  he may have his remaining classes credited to an Adolescent Puppy Obedience class. 

        2019 Puppy Manners CALENDAR 

Session 1:  In the House:  housebreaking, crate training
Session 2: To Chew or Not to Chew: biting, chewing
Session 3:  Communicating with Clicks:  using a clicker to teach foundation obedience skills, loose-leash walking, and tricks
184719_512061745483441_1328416254_n (1)Session 4:  Scary People, Places, and Things:  the vet clinic, children, thunderstorms, bizarre people wearing odd attire
Session 5:  The Rules of the Game:  play that teaches obedience
Session 6:  An Ounce of Prevention:  preventing  health or behavioral issues, such as begging and resource guarding.



Use the Contact Us page to let us know that you are interested in taking the  Puppy Manners & Social Skills class. You will receive a reply, with further information on the class and puppy training in general.  If you decide the class is for you, you will notify us with the date you plan to start. We need to know, so we can send you the appropriate handouts and other information pertaining to that particular session. 


IF YOUR PUPPY IS ALREADY OVER 16 WEEKS OLD,  you would start with an Adolescent Puppy Obedience class, which is NOT rolling enrollment and has a start and end date.

Adolescent Puppy Obedience:  This class is the next step for Puppy Manners grads, as it switches the focus from social skills to on-leash obedience training. The same skills are taught that are taught in Basic Obedience, but your adolescent (4 1/2 and 8 months, approximately) pup would best be served in this class, since it addresses the energy level and attention span of most teenage dogs!   (Six weeks, $140)   Go to the GROUP CLASSES page and download the “Schedule of Upcoming Classes,” to find out when the next class is going to start!