obedience trainingCome learn how to teach your dog to choose on his own to sit politely instead of jumping up, to focus on you when you enter a distracting environment, and to walk on a leash without pulling!  “Obedience” is important, yes, but we at Playful Pups go way beyond teaching your dog to obey your commands! We want your dog to have good manners without your having to tell him how to behave in every situation. You dog will learn to wait in front of an open door, ignore a dropped piece of food,  and lie down in a “settle” position –all without any verbal cues from you!

You’ll be surprised to see how quickly and happily your dog will learn these basic manners when you use positive reinforcement training instead of compulsion. In fact, you and your dog will enjoy the process so much you will probably want to continue taking classes, such as Rally Obedience, which teaches more advanced skills (Heel, Finish, etc.) in a different way and can set  your dog up for earning ribbons and AKC competitions. Most importantly, the time you and your dog spend together in any class will help build a bonding relationship that will permanently enrich both of your lives.

“Thank you for a wonderful first class. Duncan and I had a wonderful time and I am even more pleased with his response to the gentle method of training you are teaching us. –Diane J.


To see what day and time the next obedience classes will start, download this file:


                                                                            SCHEDULE OF UPCOMING CLASSES  will be posted here, as soon as we have completed our move to our new location, in the same office park. 

Adolescent Puppy Obedience:  This class is the next step for Puppy Manners grads, as it switches the focus from social skills to on-leash obedience training. The same skills are taught that are taught in Basic Obedience, but your adolescent (roughly  between 5 and 12 months) pup would best be served in this class, since it addresses the energy level and attention span of most teenage dogs!   (Six weeks, $150)

Basic Obedience:  If you haven’t taken a Playful Pups group class before, this is the class to start with. You will learn to apply numerous  positive reinforcement training games and exercises which will enable you to teach your dog basic manners and obedience. Skills taught include loose-leash walking, sitting instead of jumping up, staying when told to, and coming when called.  Most of all, you and your dog will develop a strong, mutually respectful relationship.  (Six weeks, $150)

Basic Obedience/LLW: A shortened course of the Basic Obedience skills, this version emphasizes loose-leash walking instead of stays and waits. (Four weeks, $100)

Basic Obedience/Sit, Stay: A shortened course of the Basic Obedience skills, this version emphasizes stays, waits and “go to your mat” training, instead of loose-leash. (Four weeks, $100)

Intermediate Obedience: If you have already taken a Playful Pups class and your dog some Basic Obedience skills, taking this  class will refine and strengthen them. Continuing to use the foundation skills, you will now apply them to off-leash heeling, distance recalls, and solid stays. This a great course for a dog that already has basic manners and an owner who wants to do more!  (6 weeks $150)

Advanced Obedience: This is a class for Intermediate Obedience graduates who want to solidify, maintain,  or expand their obedience skills. It will be conducted mostly off-leash and will introduce behaviors needed for Obedience and Rally competitions. But don’t worry: the format is relaxed and fun, since skills are often practiced while playing games, such as Musical Chairs or Recall Relays! (6 weeks $150)