Wonder if we really can help your dog become the dog you’ve always wanted?  Read this:

Now that some months have passed, I wanted to contact you to thank you for the confidence that we are enjoying with Trixie and with her progress after your classes … When she first arrived from the Richmond rescue group, she piddled constantly when anyone approached her, tended to cower and to draw her tail between her legs when we called to her.

“But now, she’s happy, and comes when we call to her (willingly and happily), has completely stopped piddling and cowering and seems to be much better adjusted and contented. She’s a happier pooch and, of course, just as loving and sweet. I attribute your contact and training with her with these positive behavioral changes and want to thank you for all of your efforts in her behalf. You have brought us to a less fearful pup who is thoroughly enjoying her life!”–Joann




Need directions to our facility? There’s a map on the home page, and here are the directions to our Virginia Beach location:


    412 Investors Place, (once there, go to  Suite 103)

Coming from 264, take EXIT 17 A, the Independence/Princess Anne exit going toward Princess Anne.  If the traffic is  exceptionally light, you may be able to cut across the lanes in time to turn left at the Starbucks; otherwise, go past and make a U-turn.  Then, you’ll be on Independence Boulevard, going toward Town Center, and you’ll turn right onto Investors Place, at the Starbucks (there’s a Golden Corral nearby as well).  Then  drive toward the big IBC sign (which also has a map) but don’t go past it.  As you are facing it, make a right turn into the parking lot, and we are in the building on your immediate left. The number 412 is not visible, since we’re on the side, but you’ll see three Crape Myrtle trees in front of Suite 103.


    For a list of prices and start dates, download this page:



  If you would like to ENROLL in a class, use the Contact Us to send us your request. The classes fill on a first come, first served basis, so as soon as you decide, let us know!  If more than one of the day/times the class meets would work for you, please include that information in your request! 

You will be told immediately if there is space available, in which case you will be enrolled.  Then, right before the class is set to start, you will be contacted again with instructions to bring three things with you the first night of your class; a copy of your dog’s shot records, a filled out Playful Pups class registration form, and your class fee.
You may download a registration form here:


                                                                                        Playful Pups Registration




Agility, Obedience, Rally and Barn Hunt Trials and Run-Throughs:  

Click on link below:


These are all being held at Merrimac Dog Training facility, in Hampton…just five minutes from the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.


Helpful Dog Training Information


Click here to see  learn about clicker training and how to use a variety of rewards

To understand why we use the “problem solving” method to train your dog, click here.

Wondering why we do not want you to be the “alpha” with your dog?  Click here.



Additional useful links…

Planning a trip with your pet this summer? Here are some helpful tips and more links about traveling with your dog: https://www.titleproloans.com/resources/pets-and-car-travel-safety/

Confused about the “front-clip harness” we urge you to use when training loose-leash walking?  Go to this site for a comparison of allthe different types of “no-pull” equipment.   http://www.petexpertise.com/dog-training-article-comparison-of-no-pull-dog-training-aids.html

Need a great place to board your dog? Or just need to let him enjoy to company of other compatible dogs and well-qualified humans, who will oversee their playtime romps? Then contact Fur’st Choice Doggy Day Care, in Virginia Beach! www.furstchoicedoggydaycare.com

Did your dog pull a muscle? Is he feeling the stiffening effects of old age? Is he recovering from surgery? Then consider finding out what the veterinary professionals at P.A.W.S (Pet Alternative Wellness Solutions) can do for you! www.pawsforrehab.com

Okay, you don’t need any help with YOUR dog. Then how about helping some of the hundreds of abandoned and abused dogs being housed at Virginia Beach Animal Care & Adoption Center? Friends of VBAC&AC is a volunteer organization which can use your help, either in the kennel working directly  with the cats and dogs, or as a fundraiser. www.beachpetpals.org

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